Let’s start with strong position I hold for now. I believe in “strong opinions weakly held” ie. as new ideas emerge I’m happy to change how I think.

"Design Thinking Is Fundamentally Conservative and Preserves the Status Quo" (Natasha Iskander).

Why start with such a bold provocation? It gives rise to a tension which has been surfaced in my work. Are we making better components of the system or working for the good of the whole? Look at the principles of how we work.

What do we unwittingly preserve when we believe these are new principles to improve the world of work?

We conserve the structure of the institution when we should seek to re-purpose it, change the fundamental beliefs, goals and rules of the working world. Not just the ways of doing work in the world.

To move design from being conservative to revolutionary I turn to The RSA’s ‘A Blueprint for Good Work’ as a set of principles to steer my practice.

RSA Blueprint for Good Work

  • Security – all should enjoy work that provides enough economic security to participate equally in society
  • Wellbeing – all should enjoy work that does not harm their wellbeing
  • Growth – all should enjoy work that grows and develops their capabilities
  • Freedom – all should enjoy work that provides the freedom to pursue a larger life
  • Subjective nurture – all should enjoy work that nurtures their subjective working identity