Work in Progress

Theories, principles, approaches and methods which support solving problems as a design researcher and strategist.


Ways to see or guide the work on challenges.


What I'm repeating to develop a new skill or get better at my work.


Insights emerging from the work.

Work in Progress

  • Mining: Developing flexible standards of practice for Artisans, Engineers and Supervisors
  • Healthcare: Foster co-operation amongst senior specialists to improve patient experience
  • Banking: Co-design "Work from Anywhere" practices for a division of a private bank
  • Coaching: 1:1 coaching and advisory for leaders who want to improve the way they work in and lead teams
  • Facilitating: Regular facilitation of processes for corporate-education which help team bring design to life in their work
  • Ethics & Justice in Design: Speaking and facilitating processes which help teams think about the consequences of design

Learning in Progress

  • Nerding out on 'Transition Design'
  • Gathering and generating ways for design teams to negotiate ethical boundaries with clients
  • Experimenting my way toward a half-decent pizza dough and sauce which suit our oven at home
  • Going back to school to learn just enough about statistics to improve the way I think about data and information. Also as a way to overcome a limiting belief that I'm no good with numbers

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