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Inquisition is now BetterWork

Friends of Inquisition. Hello.

Like Prince (RIP), we believe in the power of a name, and that what you’re called, influences who you are.

We’ve changed a lot over the last three years, but our name, Inquisition, has stuck with us – despite being hard to remember and spell, and frustrating for us to continually have to answer the interminable question, “so, exactly what do you guys actually do?”.

A few weeks ago, Vincent Hofmann (co-founder, Inquisition/BetterWork) was in Chicago for a project and walked passed a company signboard that said ‘WeWork’. Later, Vincent spotted a water bottle that read “Habits at Work”. He couldn’t help but think, “wow, everyone here is so literal, you really get what it says on the box”.

Deciding what the "box" should say

We’ve shifted our focus from designing for organisations to designing organisations. It’s a service that goes by many names. You might know it as Org Design, Work Design or Employee Experience Design. What we do is help organisations attract and retain their best people and help people in teams do the best work of their lives.

No matter what you call it, we’ve become specialist partners to people and leadership teams who want to assess and improve the employee experience and support behavioural change initiatives.

As we changed and refined our core offering, our name Inquisition started to feel like a bad fit.

We wanted a name that embodies what we do, and what we believe is possible. A firm belief that work must and can be better for every South African.

“Inquisition introduces ways for teams to do the best work of their lives. We aim to make the experience of work better to make business better. Better ways of working is about improving the experience at work in society.
Inquisition is BetterWork

Inquisition is BetterWork

BetterWork, a name for who we are today.

BetterWork is not just a name change; it marks a fundamental shift in how we see our firm’s structure and operating model.

Palesa Sibeko (co-founder, Inquisition/BetterWork) and Vincent have always pushed to be responsive to customer and societal change. They’re comfortable with never being indebted to what has worked in the past, and have always been open to radically shifting the business in order to continue learning and increasing the value we bring to clients.

This year we realised that a fundamental shift was needed if we wanted to address the audacious goal of affording every South African access to good work.

BetterWork + Partners

To be able to address complex systemic challenges BetterWork has introduced an organised collaborative. Unlike freelance networks or freelance squads, BetterWork’s organised collaborative is made up of a vetted group of specialists with focus areas including data science, innovation and organisational change. Network members, such as strategy consultant Danielle Jaffit, get the benefit of drawing on our experience, behavioural change models and tools for teams and in turn we rely on them for expertise and trust them to deliver on our behalf with our back-office support.

BetterWork goes Remote

Change the name, introduce a network, what else are you up to?

We’re going remote. From September 2018 onwards BetterWork will no longer have an HQ.

The GoodWork Society, a NPO we started, recently explored the role of modern HQ - asking if it’s really necessary . The BetterWork team tested a remote-work week and have investigated ways to sustain our culture of learning. We’ve committed to going remote. If in a year the experiment has failed, we’ll invite you to an office-warming party but until then, look out for our remote-work tools which we’ll be building and sharing.

Your Involvement

With your support we believe that we can continue to support organisations who want to meet the challenge of a better, more fulfilling employee experience.

With BetterWork you can keep your best people and help them do their best.

So, here’s to happier Mondays and better work for all South Africans.

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